ESA Strategic Plan

Our vision

To advance endocrine science, clinical practice and education, thus enhancing knowledge, health and well-being.

Our purpose

To support, unite and represent our community of endocrinologists and endocrine scientists, in order to advance endocrine science and improve health outcomes for people with endocrine and related medical conditions in Australia, the region and worldwide.

Our mission

To shape research and health policies and practice based on scientific advances in endocrine science, to improve health care and outcomes.

ESA does this by:

Our values

To be knowledgeable, accessible, sustainable and committed


Our strategic directions

1. To promote the education of our current and future endocrinologists and endocrine researchers

2. To listen to our membership

3. To engage with our members, government bodies, funding bodies and the public to address and resolve issues that affect endocrinology and endocrine research

4. To promote the profile of the Endocrine Society of Australia

5. To ensure the governance of the society has continuity of knowledge and expertise

6. To maintain financial sustainability for the future


Key areas of Priority

1. Education


1.1 Provide high quality conferences and meetings that attract international and national interest

1.2 Provide support for junior members, both clinical and basic scientists with membership, training, education and scholarships

1.3 Support continued training of high quality endocrinologists through work force planning and addressing issues affecting training


2. Internal Engagement: membership


2.1 Hear the needs of our members

2.2 Retain and ensure sustainability of our expertise within the membership

2.3 Communicate and engage other endocrine based societies to increase membership both nationally and internationally

2.4 Ensure ESA members are assisting ESA to reach its objectives


3. External Engagement


3.1 Engage consistently with the RACP for endocrinology training, secretariat business and endocrine advocacy

3.2 Engage with industry for sponsorship and financial sustainability

3.3 Engage with Government for addressing endocrine issues that affect ESA sustainability and profile

3.4 Engage with the NHMRC at every possible level to promote the funding of endocrine research, for endocrine advocacy and for the joint production of position statements

3.5 Engage with the public via the media to enhance the ESA profile and opportunities for bequests

3.6 Increase our presence and effectiveness on other boards and panels


4. Governance


4.1 Maintain a highly skilled and motivated board

4.2 Source skilled, motivated and committed consultants with clearly defined roles to drive our objectives

4.3 Have the right committees with the right people to deliver strategic objectives

4.4 Educate board members in governance so our strategic ability and decision making is enhanced


5. Profile


5.1 Promote Endocrinology within Australia via our branding

5.2 Provide education, networking opportunities and showcase our research

5.3 Promote our expert members both nationally and internationally

5.4 Be recognised as the authoritative voice for endocrinology, rare endocrine disorders and obesity in Australia and the region


6. Financial Sustainability


6.1 Achieve a larger and more reliable income stream through investments, industry, bequests and conferences

6.2 Maintain a productive operating budget

6.3 Maintain long term financial sustainability of the scholarship program