Availability of Norprolac (Quinagolide)

Ferring Pharmaceuticals has advised the ESA that Norprolac (Quinagolide) will be discontinued in Australia when the existing stock is fully depleted. Based on current usage rates it is anticipated that this product should be available to patients until mid-2025. The discontinuation of this product is the result of the third-party manufacturer of Quinagolide ceasing production. There are no other manufacturers of Norprolac globally. 

It is recommended that ESA members discuss this situation with their affected patients over the coming months to give them adequate time to consider treatment
options. Alternatives are limited (cabergoline, bromocriptine, surgery and radiotherapy) and it is appreciated that transition plans will present challenges for some patients. 

New patients should not be started on Norprolac.

It is important to manage this situation in a controlled and timely manner to avoid panic buying which will potentially disadvantage some patients. ESA acknowledges that this situation is not in Ferring's hands and appreciates the advance notice they have given.