Adrenal Insufficiency Resources

ESA has developed a number of resources to help patient's manage their adrenal insufficiency.  


Sick Day Management Plan

It is critical for patients taking cortisol replacement therapy to know their sick day management plan.  This should clearly advise patients about when and how to adjust medications when unwell.

You can download and complete this sick day management plan with your patients. 

ESA recommends two (2) copies of this form be provided to the patient: one for them to keep and the other to give to their partner/next of kin.

A copy of the completed sick day management plan should also be sent to the patient’s GP.

ESA recommends advising patients to take a photo of this plan on their phone, so it can be with them at all times.


Steroid card

ESA advises all patients taking steroid replacement therapy to wear an alert bracelet and carry a steroid card for emergency situations. 

The steroid card can be used to record details of your patient's medical condition and their medications for use in emergency situations.

This card is credit card sized, and has been designed to be folded in half and laminated to fit easily in a wallet, purse, or bag.


More information

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