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Council sub-committees

Meeting Committees

Society sub-committees

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Council Sub-Committees

Medical Affairs Committee

Shane Hamblin (Chair)
Ann McCormack
Bu Yeap
Mathis Grossmann
Leon Bach
John Walsh 
Ada Cheung
Fran Milat
Rory Clifton-Bligh
Sunita De Sousa
Sheila Cook
Jenny Gunton

Finance and Sponsorship Committee


       Jenny Gunton (Chair)
       Ann McCormack
       Shane Hamblin
       Ivone Johnson

        Strategic planning committee

All Councillors

Communications committee

Ada Cheung (Chair)
Jenny Gunton
Shejil   Kumar
Lisa Raven
Kim Albert
Ivone Johnson

Annual report committee

Ann McCormack
Ivone Johnson  


 Meeting Committees

ASM Programme organising committee 2022

Clinical – Jun Yang (Co-chair)
Basic Science – Mitchell Lawrence (Co-chair)



Clinical Weekend 2022

Catherine Conway, Emily Brooks (Co-chairs)


ESA Seminar Meeting Committee (2020-2022)

Diana Learoyd (Co-Chair)
Anna Story (Co-Chair)
Mark Cooper (POC Committee)
Anne Corbould (POC Committee)
Amanda Seabrook (POC Committee)


 Society Sub-Committees

ESA Scientific strengthening committee

Belinda Henry (Chair)
Tim Cole
Bu Yeap
Ann McCormack
Sunita de Sousa
Elizabeth Johnstone


ESA Early Career Committee

Lachlan Angus (Co-chair)
Amy Dwyer (Co-chair)
Emily Brooks (Secretary)
Matti Gild (Events)
James McNeil (Events)
Shejil Kumar (Clinical affairs)
Lauren Tyack (Clinical affairs)
Annabelle Warren (Advocacy and engagement)
Alexander Rodriguez (Advocacy and engagement)


 Representatives on External Committees 


Council - Diana Learoyd
Adult Medicine Divisional Council ESA representative - Di Learoyd
ATC Endocrinology, Chair - Jane Holmes-Walker
Advanced Trainee representative on the ATC  - Jasmine Zhu
Internal Medicine Journal - ESA editors - Helen Barrett, Mark Cooper       

International Endocrine Societies

US Endocrine Society -  
International Society of Endocrinology - Helena Teede